Always with the Image, the advocation and the ascension involve the reclamation: the coinherence of the character and the image among the act of the moment reclaiming what has been deliberately secreted and scapegoated in the wasteland of theatre, the matter of humility. The matter is the substrate of that reclamation, the substance of the image involved in the character. The Character of Image humbled (Repentant! Forgiven!)—and reclaimed.

Theatre is not performed in the abstract. It is implicated within the wasteland, an enclave where matter is almost despoiled of its reality, scattered into meaninglessness. But the matter of theatre matters. The function of the substance conforms the ascendancy sending the advocate when the Image reclaims the character. The elements are not random; they are specifically substanced. The elemental enclave of matter is reclaimed with the humble act—the advocacy of time; the potency of the ascension.

Matter is the allegiance to humility. By implicating its substance, the act reclaims the moment and the image subverts the character by involving his matter into a specific implication that is the Character of Image.

The Character of Image unified in their matter transforms the wasteland. Yet the wasteland is so prevalent and randomized, defied as anything that everything is allowed and nothing is forgiven that when the Character prohibits all else except his involvement of his matter into Image, their forgiveness is the absurd.