The sundering realms of reality. The forming of the unreal from the depths of division. From the depths, the truth. The realms of the unreal, unified reality.

Theatre is the maneuvering of people, both audience and actors in space. Inherently, theatre is a revelation of community—a direct revelation that affects the immediate space. This differentiates it from film, television and literature. What is seen is seen directly. What is affected is directly affected.

The direct affectation.

Theatre must conform to the depths and rely on the secret. The diversity of depth and the diversity of the secret. The diversity of thought; the diversity of action. The diversity of colour; the diversity of grey.

The manipulation of space consumes the space and partakes intimately of community. The consumption cannot be half-hearted, merely scratching the depths. It must be all consuming, all darkness made beautiful in the light, all depths explored.

Human condition is the nature of the depth, and the human spirit, the soul, is the exploration of the depth.

The condition of humanity confines humanity. The soul confounds that confining and releases the depths into light. The light calls us from the darkness.

‘If’ is where the darkness is, where the secret is, where (as Peter Brook said) the ‘if’ is truth—where theatre expresses its true form. Where is the light? It cries. It is in the darkness, a darkness released.

or; theatre suggests something that speaks the unspeakable. Something that must be sought after. Something that must be chosen. It is in the choice that theatre expresses itself.

or; theatre suggests an escape, a release, a free act of love: the depths of choice in all its diversity, in all its wonder, in all its secrets.