Artists are increasingly attempting to introduce film projections within their theatre productions. These are not performance art pieces where the medium is media; they are productions of theatre, of plays, live plays, where film is added in attempt to increase the aesthetic of the form. The stage is a space of intimacy. The camera is a space of immediacy. When they are framed by the other their intimate and immediate forms seek their unity, but only divide themselves and lose their beauty. This is not an argument critiquing the use of technology in theatre. It is an argument of the medium and its relation to media.

Theatre is line untethered from the real, shaping true thought. The space draws within itself the intimate union of the act.

Film is shape crafted to the real: the space is here; the act is here. An actual presence in an actual place. An immediate placement.

The theatre is not immediate because the stage is not authentically framed immediately. The division between the frame and the viewer is so minute that sometimes the division is not there at all.

Film is not intimate because the camera is not authentically framed intimately. There is a stark and distant division between the frame and the viewer so much so that sometimes the frame is not seen until years after.

When film adorns theatre, each are no longer their medium. They shape what they are not. The intimate space actualizes its presence in an actual place and the intimacy succumbs to the immediate, immediately dividing itself from itself. The immediate space draws into itself the union, tethering to the intimate, immediately dividing itself from itself.

We are so desperate for reality that we forget its depths. Unabashedly I seek the unreal.

Seek the medium. Do not make into what it is not. There is too much to explore on the simple space of the stage.