The theatre progresses the player near the height when the situation is encountered with their instillation of image. The encounter realizes the nearness to the obscured depths of the height. The person of the player waits for their own understanding to commune the boundary of self and the height. It is an encumbrance of smallness. The player is small compared to the fellowship that is beside them, among them, with them: the image of the height. It is a baffling comparison unto simple awareness. The simplicity plays upon the person realizing the vast surrounding of wisdom.

The silence of the unknown encounters the stillness. The smallness calls forth understanding. The unknown is understood as unknown as some limit to be borne. The unknown is journeyed.

Theatre is the question that understands—the doubt that is played. The person of the player situates their communion to it. They are aware of the image and the image is around it and the person of the player tests the boundaries of their awareness to understand them, all the while the height surrounds them in-breaking into the juncture.