In the theatre, the person is not left alone. The person is with the image, playing with it. The play gradually propels them to an image of redemption—an innocent surge that wagers its guilt. Religious Imagism lets it roam. It smells like life above life expressing life. From the lowly yielding returns a rising, the propulsion of value pouring out as the expression. The stillness through thought culminates into it. A reflection; yet, still more than reflection. An imprint; yet, still more than an imprint. A sustainment. An elevation. A transformation; the begotten: not themselves, from themselves is themselves.

The person presses themselves into their image borne into the Player of Image. The worth surging from the person’s essence: the valuable universality of the play specifically expressed.

The begotten is the instantaneous semblance of the expression. The Player of Image labours for a refined infusion of worth. The begetting elevates and sustains value beyond and among the Player of Image, sustaining and elevating them within their nature.