The labored expression permeated among the theatre—sharing itself (the delight). Intelligibility from recognition. The player recognizes the image and the image informs the player and the player of image delights in the allegiance to suggestion. The alliance is known. It is the unknown. And the great conflict ensues: to know unto the unknown.

Knowing and not knowing: the either/or: the both/and: thought in memory shared. Knowledge kept is knowledge lost. The Player of Image expresses knowledge in conflict, challenging the unknown. Worship is hidden within it (an intimacy with the height and the expression)—the art of worship—the craft of wonder.

Curiosity ever seeks what cannot be known, should not be known, expecting to know. And so the great conflict is put another way: the expectation to know demanding to know.

The Player of Image orients the theatre to worship because it knows it cannot know the unknowable, knows how to express the unknown: the struggle to share the truth.