The expression proclaims what is deficient, struggling among the foretelling of wholeness: what will be because of what is. The condemnation that circumscribes into deliverance. To be delivered, heeding the summons, delivering a summoning, the player of Image reckons with the duty to their expression—what must be done because of what has already been done, condemned upon their weakness, bearing the caress of endurance. Prophecy is the caress of endurance. Go with haste, go with haste, the prophet unleashes overwhelming stillness.

The prophetic potential risks the thought, exhuming the present, overturning it, overturning all, dislodging expectations and certainties, preparing its undoing for the setting of trust.

In the theatre the reckoning delivers the prophecy among scattering obscurity. The Player of Image prophesies the mission: the expression is the omen of vocation—the play obscured reckoned scattered unto the current of coherence. A shock circumscribing the self prefigured playing. The image of belief.