In the theatre the spirit is the practical feeling that work is an abiding need that compels the person to create the story that abides within them—the coming together of the overwhelming expression and the singular height. It is this union that destines creation. From the height and through the expression the spirit invades the Player of Image—heightened and expressed with the spirit, enlivening the theatre, forging the player with the image, the playing imaged into creation—fully alive—the life of story.

The creator pursues story inspired by the spirit to create out of stillness. Creation impoverishes control. It is the poverty of control, destined to play with what created it. Dependence utterly playing.

Creation is the playing pursuing image, creating the Player of Image, fabricating themselves in story. The fabric of likeness to the inspiration and to themselves. The self was never given the freedom to create itself. It was given the freedom to pursue story without control of its beginnings always aspiring to relinquish that control.  The destiny of creation within the spirit. Creatures storied by the invasion of their creator—the fabrication together holy.