The relinquishing images the player into character: a unique gathering of normalcy heightened into an expression where the spirit is characterized with the image. The play heightens innately, becoming the Character of Image. Its expression is inevitable. The fabric of who they are disjoints against their destiny and then conforms to the image away from the play, their resilience physically striking the essence on which they stand and hold firm (melts and cries) maneuvering their existence for the confirmation gathered of the unknown confirmed unto a known person full of flesh and spirit, yet marred to the bones. Singed unto awe.

The character likens itself to stillness. In order to tell their story, especially in the theatre, they inhabit a typology of needful humanity, a testimony of paradoxical behaviors which the spirit enfolds, personhood struggling into significance, concluding themselves upon the blessing of creativity, yet broken upon their ability to mend. A happy person borne upon sadness: confirming rapture; enrapturing origin.