The rapture purges: the mask is purged; the shadow sunk: the self unto Character of Image. Indeed, even in the theatre, full of shadows and masks, there is an unveiling—what is hidden is revealed. The self all in darkness. A stark illumination impinged. The Character of Image collapses them into obedience. Revelation is the oncoming of innocence, the bearing of the illuminated, revealing the starkness of the collapse.

What is the veil? The constriction of time. What is the unveiling? Likeness always still.

The theatre unveils: it is above (the height); it is within (the expression); it is among (the spirit). The character humbled and the image expressed through them, heightened by the unveiling, fulfilled through the spirit. The image illumines the character, the Character of Image resides in the illumination brings the self into that overbearing brightness, upheaving a struggle—a fulfillment, a renewal—innocence. The upheaval of innocence; the revelatory impingement of liberation. What is beyond is here: now. That is the attempt of the Character of Image: to fulfill what is so far away, to bring near what is beyond among them; to collapse the distance.