The theatre congregates the craving of certainty. Bereft of all spirit—expression and height loved unto art, theatre demands certainty. Even still, it cannot be merely uncertain. Its art would be too scattered—legion upon legion. Yet, its certain demand clouds what is necessary to its flourishing. Therefore, the theatre congregates the unheard: tremble the specific: the specification of advocacy. The Spirit advocates for the character unto Image. The indwelling of the Advocate allows the Character of Image to delve into the congregation advocating for them among the theatre. The Advocate recovers trust. Ineffable voice: the ineffable—the advocation is the permeation of the congregation.

Sound permeates the theatre, trembles for the unheard. They hear; they respond: heard. Trust. Not certainty. Sound. Not noise.

The rhythm of personal trembling—sounding for the recovered response: moment vibrates voice.

Sounded unto trust. The Advocate is the edge of sound; the sound is the edge entire, a moment voiced that leaves the Character of Image, yet still permeating them—and they the congregation enters that voiced moment, congregating into the permeation—a fractured people unto a congregated self. The individual hearing the recovery. Emphasized empty. The rhythm of difference.