Into the simplest the Advocate breathes, the sustenance of sound: a kiss: the shadow of the word. Inhale the image, exhale the character, plunge them pluming together, centres the theatre, exhilarating the Character of Image for their voice clashing with voices—the clash confused. Breathing habits the confusion so that one breath is its undoing, or, rather, its centering, because the confusion presupposed in the future requires its authentication now: breath; centre; breath; exhilarate; breath imaged.

The spreading of habitation: breathe the air, tongue tasted, tongue inflamed from the Advocate for the Character of Image so the theatre exhilarates their voice that advocates for voices—a catalyst for attraction and conversion.

The plunging toward the art. The flame of art. The courage to contend with the art. The breath begins and returns and spreads among them. It reaches out and tastes what is along with them. It never leaves completely, yet it does leave. It never returns as it was, yet it does return. The exhilaration of the crossed form.