The collapse is a dispersal into acceptance. The fall is a narrow plunge away from presumption and expectation. They are felt in their literal physicality, their thoughtful abstraction—in their depth; in their completion in the complete paradox of the body. Both are deliberate choices and both meet the other, becoming the other, still adhering to their specific relationship: the fallen collapse; the collapse of the fallen. Both act as a conduit for sacrifice.

The experience of the stage, of actor and audience, the duality of community, requires a multiplicity of sacrifices from the theatre artist. From that multiplicity there arises what the sacrifice attained in a paradoxical singularity: the total body from the totality of the soul: the union of paradox. The collapse is complete, utter and shattering, displacing an aspect of freedom that the impulse reveals: the freedom to collect, to create, to enliven: soul sacrificed. The fall is focused upon a hope of flight from an oncoming breaking, disguising a death as rebirth: body sacrificed. The physic abstraction into physical expression. The bodily soul; the soul of the body. They craft their operations into truth. All knowledge, all viscerality is sacrificed into it. The sacrifice is the freedom of the theatre artist.

The Character of Image falls into a collapse, collapsing into a fall intermingling into a grounded truth that lays bear the poverty of the Character of Image encircled by the sacrifice arisen into that encirclement with the knowledge and viscerality of its poverty where the idea shapes itself unto the Character of Image readily accepting it because the Character of Image has nothing, and from nothing it is borne upon the idea into the crisis, operating within it, the impetus for the discovery of the impulse. It is a being. Because what is sacrificed is sacrificed to and for the impulse.

What love occurs in such a hopeful moment. What joy springs forth and flies. It is enough to laugh. And then to play.

There lies the totality. There lies the paradox. In play.