I must breakā€”be broken;

weakness submitted;

the being of brokenness:

my pride hinders the revelation of the craft,

my craft is an act of submission;

I am a submissive artist;

it is my submission that defies:

my pride hinders the acceptance of the craft,

I am amidst the pieces;

I am the pieces;

the submissive defiance assembles the envisioning of paradox:

my pride hinders the expression of the craft,

I do not forget the disparate unity of the broken pieces;

I remember why I kneel;

I envision my prostrate self:

my pride hinders the deliverance of the craft,

there, I am broken, revealed,

there, I am submissive, accepted,

there, I am weak, expressed,

here, I am faithful, delivered

whatever my failings, where pride swells and severs, constricting my art, instilling stasis, forcing sight when blindness is all required, needed mercifully, hoped for continually, impinging the other beneath the idol of self, refusing the impulse, naming it self entire, craft shielded and silenced, only the self that sees, I strive for the humble work of art.

It is here I experience joy,

the joy of servitude:

humility renews the expectant craft,