A crowded enclave. People shouting for joy, hurling abuses. Two Sultry Fellows stare at each other. Their eyes and nothing else almost touch.

A prolonged moment.

 SULTRY:                     Hello.



 FELLOWSHIP:            What did you say?




SULTRY:                     I think—

FELLOWSHIP:            You didn’t say anything.

SULTRY:                     I’m not sure.

FELLOWSHIP:            Yes, yes. It is perfect.

SULTRY:                     I didn’t say anything.

Paused Silence.

 FELLOWSHIP:            I said something.

SULTRY:                     Oh?

FELLOWSHIP:            Oh!

SULTRY screams. FELLOWSHIP loses the voice.

 VOICE:                                    Here I am.

VOICE laughs hysterically.

 VOICE:                                    Not really.

The enclave bows into mumblings of consternation. It evolves into a whisper.

 FELLOWSHIP suddenly pleads to SULTRY. SULTRY gregariously reaches for VOICE.