The non-linear opposes the line by undermining the line exposing the contradiction of its own line—the revelation of its lineage.

Challenge the disparate line into its simplicity.

The simple is inherently complex. And confrontational.

The theatre usurps the confrontation itself  because it is so immediate, transparent and ephemeral that it shocks and blinds the audience into the distant, opaque and enduring image until the meaning clashes and collapses into its paradox.

The wonder of the paradox is the immediacy of truth.

The wonder of the truth is the intimacy of paradox.

The theatre is intimate and immediate synonymous with paradox, with life, a rebellion and a conservation—obscure, revealing and full of hope.

Do not despair, it speaks.

Do not despair, it is silent.

Despair, for it is not our own.

Not our own: sought after, hoped for, but found only in the sense of further exploration.

The seeking expresses the gift of freedom by the creative act of movement, fulfilling the hope that is discovered within the exploration that finds itself in the moment of stillness.

The claiming, the ostensible owning, of the space of theatre is the failure of the explorer.

Upon the stage there is the moment and the memory of what is after founded in the past. Remember what is before so what is ancient becomes the prophecy actualized in the moment: the Character of Image.

The theatre is the moment, anticipating what is.

What is it?