I converse the image to move—the mask that examines the exchange of self and other: I shape the body.

I am the mask of language. What is not conversed is just as communicative as what is conversed. The layers of theme exchange the mask if you exchange it. Exchange it. I mask to be exchanged: the examination expounded into the heart of language: the coherence of peace where subtleties of diction confuse the heart so cultures clash, babbling their structures—the nonsense of the lost other finally communicated with the trust of learning, the deference to learn so that I comprehend toward what I don’t comprehend yet attempt to comprehend so what I learn expounds your language. Culture always communicates. Theatre gives it a specific structure to examine the language of its unmasking. It is good to lack comprehension. It is the beginning of language. Fear derails it. Awe coheres it.