Figure from abstraction; atmosphere of image contoured to move; my language’s body; story evoked here; bound for the mold; intimacies from other; you resonated; picture conjoined with play: shapes, shaping the other shaping your shape. The other is shapeless (the theatre dares to shape it)—a resonance beyond the atmosphere among you: the shape is caressed, consummated in the holding: commitment of path, figuring for you: what a great freedom it is to be bound by the contours of the picture: art shapes you: the trail of story: not simply abstracted: simply you; I shape the story in front of you molded among other. Is the other shaped by the telling? I am shaped. You are shaped. The story is other. The figured evocation.

Theatre is a spiritual shape told in front of you passed in front of you enfolded for you. Do not abstract yourself from it. Theatre in the shape of consummation. Do not expect its immediacy. Honor its intimacy.