The body is resting from reality discovering the active quality of the unreal. The real is now stronger founded on the confirmation unto us.

The wonder of what can be is delightful because the risk is freedom. And the risk fails. The risk fails! Risk pretended! Given forth the pretense to overcome what hurts, seriously laughable, rising to what is laughably serious, still hurting. But! But? But?! Unhurt: you are discovering; you are resting; you are active because—

yours is the joy of image reoccurring on the stage that is anywhere possible. Anywhere is possible is an actual endurance from the condition of uncertainty unto catharsis. Freedom is.

yes, bound by its own reason that is the crazed logic of anywhere possible. It is trust. It is belief. It is the very structure of truth. Because it is a deep desire that is let loose (

a gift! A gift)

given unto the wild foundation trained, conditioned and set upon greater freedom because of that training and conditioning. Do you see that innate desire that pulls you to your discovery? Its difficulty is its invisible transcendence. Play it. As image. Upon stage. What if I ask you to find its playing? It is your nature. Trust your play. Would you seek its playfulness? It is intentional. It is thoughtful. It provokes the player for the resilient moment provoking you. Are you the player?