Space uninhabited prophesies the habitation—the movement towards the confrontation of habitation. The performance of theatre fulfills the prophecy though still the prophetic will be prophetic—the prophecy is never utterly fulfilled. It is like a hint, an if, that continually alludes. The space speaks; so the Character of Image speaks; so the audience speaks: the fulfillment of relationship. Further still the allusion calls: the rapture of illusion; the trust of truth.

Character of Image speaks:

“Conflict arise! And arise contradiction subsumed again into conflict for the paradox is transformed there and finally exposed crumbling and crying the nature of the moment so that I speak beyond the moment, yet still the voice is spoken now, I am speaking now and the now speaks has spoken and naturally bursts forth into the will speak speaking now spoken voice relationship again prophesied cradled in the paradox trusting the voice so the word voices, singular words are spoken with prophetic truth, prophecy enhancing the justice of the hope that is the truth, so see, see, and after vision contours the image—character speak as image as the Character of Image. I prophesy myself here now. Who else is here? Who else is speaking? I am not speaking. They are speaking. They are not a lonely voice.”

The voice speaks not a part from them.  The voice speaks with them.

Audience speaks clamorous and cacophonic:

“Why do you speak so divided and in fear yet with a harmonious voice seared into disorder? I live disorder. I cannot claim witness to it. It is too disorderly. Here, there should be a witness. There must be a witness.

“A shout.

“A whispered cry.

“A fearful tremble.

“A silence.

“We are all that. Do you dare coalesce? We accept no conclusions that you claim are truthful.”

The voice is them.

Space furious:

“Claim not! I wail in suffering that stills the voice yet still finds time to laugh.”

The supreme individuality communally spoken.