The Character of Image makes life of space, of nearly nothing, of a secret something, conjuring the timeless alchemy of inevitable time, pretending the mastery of play; enlivening the dynamism of play conjures the pretend—the imagination made actual, relying upon the invention of the real conjured among the unreal that surrounds it (risen above it; descending into it), a conjuring unity conflicting their paradox, but never dividing, never should divide (real, real only: forgotten dream; unreal, unreal solely: fractional sanity), for the Character of Image unites the struggle of creation pretending the doubtful existence, inherently doubted, always questionable, always questionably playful answers the play of pretend and the pretend cannot be rejected though full of doubt it must be played (if rejected not playfulness; disappeared joy)—the pretend merely the question of the imagination truly conjured into the question, alchemized by playing the pretend imaginatively uniting the real and the physical realm of the unreal, spectacle actualized true, paradox alive in the Character of Image is the Character of Image because of the question, a question of laughter, of joy, of wonder, of fear, of struggle, of pain of difference unheard, unspoken, then spoken, then heard—then question. The question is all truth.

Is there a question?

Another question?

And another and if another then no answer because the question, questions the questioned question. If continual, then nothing? Then, no question. But severance—but nearly nothing—secret something. But answer!

Why is there so much doubt in Truth?

Or truth in doubt.

My God: my god; why—have you forsaken me?

Play! Play! The forsaken pretend.

Your difference all our difference relented unto forsakenness.

All forsaken. Alone never. Remember. Alone never. All forsake.

Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are conjured and alchemized as little players, you will by no means enter the pretend of playing. Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little reality is the paradox in the playing of pretend.  Whoever receives one little truth like this in pretends name receives the presence of the unreal.