The unity of the Character of Image is such a fierce and weak intermingling that doubt plays upon it. It plays so much that it becomes a menace. Yet the seeking of singular action expresses joy in the act of wonder, so the menace breaks into chaos and upon the chaos the Character of Image discovers and explores its vision. It acts among it because of its trust in the foundation—the trust in the willing foundation of the Character and Image united. All that has been crafted has been crafted carefully with love and joy. Every aspect of the craft was detailed, specific and certain, continuously leading to the moment of opposition where the creative act is fulfilled: the space of uncertainty.

At the point of expression the Character of Image cultivates revelation by moving into truth by the trust of the uncertain unknowing. That we do not know. Yet we knew. We worked for that knowing to be brought into the unknown. And the unknown brings us into the action of the theatre. Of the great skill.

To craft until the point of trust is the tireless, exceptionally laborious work of the theatre artist. Trust is the effortless flow of being from an over exertion of effort. Work to be free. And then be free.

Therefore doubt with the full force of the unseen. And there reside upon action: the unhinged chaos of doubt: the brilliance of terror—the active death. To sustain it, to explore and discover its love, the Character of Image humiliates itself into blindness to experience the resurrection of action. The resurrection occurs through the trust that is cultivated by the practice of uncertain failure—certain redemption. To risk all.

All that is pretended and played wild contours the severance of knowing. The Character of Image has been instilled with its image made full with its character for the stillness of unknowing. So strive for the hope of the doubtful chaos, the tumult of trust. It exposes the nature of the unseen so we can participate in us all—all visionary.

Art is participation in all necessarily presented to us from all. Look at me. Look at you.

The doubt transformed into the Character of Image transforms into space unto the audience exposing your uncertainty—your vision.

We are exposed.