Language distinguishes itself in forms of being. They conflict upon the stage in strange, analogical customs that bring them to the union of communication. Examined and analyzed and expressed they are one.

From the acts of thought words are spoken—thought embodied into word. The concise precision of their meaning turns upon themselves and equivocates into deeper meaning.

The body moved is the active thought—embodied thought. The shape of movement speaks itself from itself as other like a mask—like the truth of mask. The meanings strain themselves, yet the movements express themselves precisely. Their nature is analogical. It can be direct like a punch. It can be indirect like a wink.

The word and shape interact, find their form of being and are the ritual action. They become the deeper sense. The language of sense is unspoken and unmoved. It carries meaning within the structured image of shape and word—and beyond them. It clashes with them, even unto the point of incoherence. It unites with them, even unto the point of revelation.

It is the certain sense of what is known though you do not know it. It is the uncertain sense of what you thought you knew. It is the sense of the unknown and the pleasure of seeking what is known within it.

It is the sensation of bodily impulse upon what may be spoken, upon what may be moved, which reveals a communicative form from it. It is a dangerous language as it can lead to false stereotypes and judgments and even false compassion. Yet if the sense is expressed in truth, it discovers meanings deeper than what was first thought, enlivening exploration and learning if we love the form of being presented to us. It can capture the life of the soul. In and of itself the language of sense expresses essence. I can be unmoved. I can be unspoken in word. Yet I speak movingly.

It is the language of sense that must be at the core of all communicative activity or communicative stillness upon the stage.

It is the sense that the Character of Image ascends to.

The Character of word. The image of body. Of the sense. The soul.