Image forms from the shape of paradox: the delving of the depths of the secret—unknowable, inherently diverse.

The impulse of line is the depth of image.

The line is multifaceted: curved straight; converged parallel; tangentially vertical.

The impulse expresses the line explores its contours and embodies the beauty beyond it.

The line is movement and each moment upon it is stillness gives birth to the diversity of that static movement flung madly into the infinity of the finite, craved howling into the wanting of need, stripped torn into the self of community.

The line made physical from the living reality of the symbol.

The symbol must overturn the fact, disown the objective.

At all cost, even unto reality, even unto the imagination, the symbol must manifest itself.

Flung out from reality, flung out from the imagination the true symbol forms upon the blind revelation: what is it to be formed? What can be formed? What is it to be seen? What can be seen?

The image reverses the truth so it seems a lie.

The contour of character in conflict. The image conformed to skin.

The hidden flesh savaged into sight.