Character embodies the conflicting desires of the soul. And that living paradox contains the static and the movement, the wanting and the needing, the self and the community, the finite and the infinite.

The static moment beautifully moving.

Wanting desirous of needing.

The self alone communally engaged.

Infinite edges of the finite.

Character expresses paradox at the depth of it—a discovery of a secret; the exploration of the unknown darkness: its failing blindness; its revelatory impulse.

So dark the secret: so bright its revelation.

In tandem with the soul, the body plays with the abstract made physically present as a distinct emotive being: competing emotions exploding, shaking the flesh.

The surface objective conflicted, overturned by the image of paradox.

The concoction of competing desires, querulous emotions, distills its sense into physical convulsion where the passive moves, the wanting needs, the self communes, the infinite ends. It is the play of image: the mask of image.

A reversal: the upside down truth discovers the secret: the stasis of movement; need expressed in wanting; the community of engaged self; finite edging upon the infinite.

Through paradox, character plays upon the secret—the embodied image.

Sight savaged into hidden flesh.