I define from the image interacting with the definition interacting with me so that I interact with you—the complication of realizing meaning through the begetting of relationship that is knowable but so extensive that I take great care in that knowledge because within theatre it is a prophecy. The theatre lasts.

I am suddenly, simultaneously, silent and thoughtful which pervades the thought so you too silently think; I am fiercely like you: a belligerent to the ego and the collective of uniformity. Your thought is not you alone. I think to relate to you as other. To sustain the union that begets relationally, and the uniqueness of it, the thought prophecies the continuance—its lasting knowledge (I am begotten to the knowledge of prophecy).

The thought becomes the inheritance from the other distinguishes itself from the thinker, from all in all given to all, relating myself to you (you and I distinguished) through all of other; the becoming of all always distinguishing within all.