The vision remembered for sight from the still moment moving. An abstraction conformed physically purposeful. To be it is seen; plays the presence of memory lasting unto the unseen (if you cannot see or do not see you still see for understanding is seeing too): the envisioning viewer is purposeful too.

The contour is captured to stream meaning. The sight is vital—the multiplicities of sight is vital. The seeing of the surface construction delves into meaning that sight sees too. What is it to be still? What is it to move? What is the moment that is both? The stillness is in the movement of the moment: the moving stills the moment; the moment moves what is still: it is there and then there—the contemplation of perception among place surrounded by space surrounded among the unseen. It is as if the unseen is its definition. The Image is among them all brief it seems comes reappearing so images can ground physically in being. It is bound. The mystery is its unboundedness. See it free.

We play at the possibilities unto the presence that sees us. A discovery of creation. You can touch it, taste it—it is so close. Still the distance of sight.

A selfless giving. The emptying of thought into wonder.

Look: memory is vital too—the layers of memory is vital too.

Are you the image?