Dusty ground almost clouded. A crown of thorns within it. THE SECOND casually glances at it.


THE SECOND:                      I confess.


ONE:                                      Confess.


THE SECOND:                      I confess that I see it. Pause. Will you confess?


ONE:                                      It is to be worn.


THE SECOND:                      Are you confessing your obviousness, simplicity or obtuseness?


THE SECOND laughs horribly.


THE SECOND:                      Then wear it.


ONE:                                      Is that your decision, ignorance or fate?


THE SECOND:                      My decisions are my own.


ONE:                                      Is that another confession?


THE SECOND:                      I am free.


ONE places the crown onto his head.


ONE:                                     I am emptied.


THE SECOND presses the thorns into ONE’s head. ONE bleeds.


THE SECOND:                     I decide what death is.


ONE:                                     What is empty is blessed.


ONE collapses.


THE SECOND kicks the body of ONE. ONE rises as if the kick enlivened him. ONE

grasps and lifts the crown of thorns from his head. As the thorns pierce into his palms,

THE SECOND screams as of angry pride.


ONE drops the crown of thorns.


ONE and THE SECOND are still. The screams lessen unto silence.


THE SECOND cannot help but stare at ONE with fear and uncertainty. ONE is fluid

among the crown, upon it and beside it, and around it and across from it—so very far

from it, unceasing, causing THE SECOND to move sharply, without reason, attempting

to control their fear; but, it cannot be controlled—it hinders the movement; yet, they still

moves caustically, with great energy fully riven.


ONE is beside them. So close ONE holds THE SECOND and leads them eloquently sure

of their pierced feet.


THE SECOND collapses their fear and kneels onto the thorns. THE SECOND does not

cry out.


THE SECOND chants in the Gregorian fashion.


THE SECOND:                      thanáto thánaton patísas; thanáto thánaton patísas—thanáto thánaton patísas:   thanáto thánaton patísas, thanáto thánaton patísas/thanáto thánaton patísas (thanáto thánaton patísas).


The crown has emptied.