In the theatre the Character of Image makes itself known by moving its stillness through the moment (the still moving moment). The stillness is with the movement and the moment—the preparatory force among the moment moving the silence to think the likeness into image; play. The contemplation of what always is. To be like what is thought at one with the silence, physically churning the movement that will be the moment: the theatre waits (as if the theatre is always still)—the arresting of time; rest: the lack of work; the leaving of craft to contemplate what will be done from what was done so the doing is of both.

To be still upon the stage requires an integral likeness where silence stills the thought that relieves itself into the active sign. The invisible rests the visible.

So it does, resting at the apex of what was for what will be so the Character of Image can be given unto the sudden stillness—the trust before the doing; the restful giving. You are not doing anything at all and everyone else is doing everything. It seems selfish, lazy and judgemental. It is silent; it is thoughtful; it is like what is.

So it does.