Here is the moment: the manifestation of the Character of Image: the stillness that moves provoked by the idea voicing the act into image; play. The stillness that is for the movement; the still movement; the moving stillness—the invisible manifesting visibly the moment for the moment in the moment invisibly provoking the visible.

The moment is the clearance for the Character of Image to participate in their own provocation while the other provokes around them and with them and against them. The stillness precipitates the moment into movement and the moment participates in what is provoked. The manifested provocation.

What is hidden is laid bare; exposed; taken to the action that is the idea voiced. The act does; the voice does: the idea is manifest.

The moment speaks because the idea becomes physically active. The Character of Image is the voice entire active among the idea manifesting the moment. They are no longer alone within themselves. They offer together that solitude without themselves, participates beyond themselves and challenges the moment—challenged in the moment by the moment from the moment.

So the moment is.

Nowhere else is there so much fear manifesting so much trust, so much self, yielding the self to other, yet hiding what is manifested: the offering of exposure; the distortion of the offering. So it is (theatre).